Unwifeable is a memoir by Mandy Stadtmiller. From the popular, "fresh, funny, and highly readable" (Bustle) dating columnist for New York magazine and the New York Post comes a whirlwind memoir recounting countless failed romances and blackout nights, told with Mandy Stadtmiller's unflinching candor and brilliant wit.With arresting prose, Kim writ… Read More

Improve your fuel efficiency and your savings every time you drive. Those looking to buy a used car with low mileage should always question why it is lower than average, and also be wary of clocking in the used car market The car condition should be consistent with the mileage, if you notice excessive wear on a low mileage car be suspicious.Micheli… Read More

Overwatch's highly sharable slick Play of the Game has been sitting in the US Patent and Trademark Office since 2016. Well - per the outline of the patent document - Blizzard has patented the system behind the feature, which apparently works with the game's timestapping technology (which timestamps notable events during a match). As spotted by Unik… Read More

Ensure that the carpet cleaning company you're looking to hire has the experience to do a good job. Is the company able to treat all types of carpet soiling? What types of carpeting can the company clean? A knowledgeable company will be able to give you an estimate of what your carpet will look once it's cleaned.Get quotes on having your carpet tre… Read More

Samsung unveils the Flip digital flipchart display (WM55H) at a First Look event—it's a 55-inch portrait-based LCD touchscreen allowing for sharing, annotation, movement and even sharing. See how Bizquip can make your meetings more productive and streamlined contact Garret Bonner today. I was so excited to see the latest Samsung technology, the S… Read More